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The simple and effective way to mix small quantities!

The mixing bag works as simple as it is effective. Cement coating, drainage mortar and concrete can be mixed in just a few steps.
Within 30 seconds a measurably better result is delivered than after minutes of mixing with the mixer.
The mixing bag convinces with a small packing size, easy handling and flexible use. Whether on the construction site, for home use or in remote locations where equipment transport is essential, the mixing bag is THE solution for mixing small quantities.
Simply put the mass to be mixed into the bag, add the appropriate amount of water, stir for 30 seconds and you’re done.

The decision for the mixing bag:

  • short mixing time
  • low-dust and current-free working
  • reusable, lightweight and space-saving
Mixes cement coating, drainage mortar and concrete efficiently and easily.

Suitable for: Tilers, bricklayers, gardeners, DIYs and many more.